Brief Idea about Website

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From today we are going to start web development and digital marketing tips .
Today’s topic is “Brief Idea about Website”.
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What is a website?
>>In simple we can say a website is virtual place/room where you can share any kind of information over internet.

Purpose of a website.
>>it can be used for different purpose like personal message, news portal, online shopping portal , social media etc.

Required things to build a website.
>>There are three basic part of a website :
1. Domain : Domain is simply a unique address of a website , through which people will be able to visit that website . ( In order to access a website you need to open a web browser and enter the domain in URL bar. )
2. Hosting : Hosting is similar to a plot where you build you home, office, shop . its a virtual space where you will build your website.
3. Scripting Language : After getting domain and hosting you can start building website. For this you need to know some scripting language. For example : HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

That’s it for today, will back with further topics soon.

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