DOMAIN : Domain is a unique name for your website with some standard suffix.(like .com,.org,.net etc) Domain plays an important role for your website,it gives a unique name to your website.

TO BUY A DOMAIN : You can buy domain form various website like,,, etc.There are some important things which we should know while registering a domain for website-

FTP Access

includes control panel(it is a dashboard to manage your domain and DNS)

Full control of yours DNS

Includes a SSL certificate free for one or more years(so your websites uses HTTPS protocol by default). If it will not happen then price of domain will be very low. You can get a free certification with Lets Encrypt. I will discuss about  this later in my next post.

It will not charge you extra for this domain if you want to transfer your domain name to another register, domain forwarding option will be provided to you. It will cost 100 INR and onward.

HOSTING : A web hosting is just a space for your website, it is a big computer or group of interconnected computer where we can store a website.  we can relate hosting to a house where we store our daily need things like bed, table, clothes etc.In same way we store html pages, images, videos etc on a hosting. There are different types of hosting-

shared hosting

dedicated hosting

managed hosting

cloud hosting

colocation hosting

virtual private hosting

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